Arrests after India bombing kills two


Indian police have detained about a dozen people in connection with yesterday's bomb blast in a crowded New Delhi market that killed two people and wounded 22.

Police said they had witnesses who could identify the two men who dropped a plastic bag in the capital's busy Mehrauli market, before speeding away in a motorcycle on Saturday.

A boy picked up the bag and ran after the motorcyclists to return it when there was a huge explosion, killing him on the spot. A 60-year-old man died in hospital later.

"We are interrogating a lot of people for clues and should come up with some answers soon," Rajan Bhagat, the Delhi police spokesman said on Sunday.

The latest explosion comes days after a serial blast in the capital on Sept 13 killed 23 people and wounded 100 others.

The Indian Mujahideen (IM) militant group, an offshoot of the banned Students' Islamic Movement of India, claimed responsibility for the blast.

Police said they were investigating possible links between blast and the Indian Mujahideen group, which they say is connected with Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba and Bangladesh's HuJI group.

Investigators said ammonium nitrate, sulphur and potassium were possibly used with nails to cause the low-intensity blast on Saturday.

Bhagat said a woman, who said she spoke to the suspects minutes before the blast, was being questioned.

On Sept 19, the police shot dead two Muslims in a raid, and said one of them was the mastermind of the New Delhi bombings and chief of the Indian Mujahideen operations in the capi tal.