Airport decision delayed


The Cabinet decision on a second terminal for Dublin airport and the sale of a majority of Aer Lingus is now unlikely until at least next week as differences between the two Coalition parties remain unresolved.

Officials representing Fianna Fáil and PD Ministers will continue to meet this week to try to agree on whether the Dublin Airport Authority will be allowed to tender for the chance to run the planned terminal.

This seems to be the most difficult issue holding up agreement on a major package of aviation changes.

A fortnight ago Government Ministers signalled that they expected a decision to be made at tomorrow's Cabinet meeting.

But late last week as the differences between the two parties on the question of who will run the second terminal remained, Government sources warned the decision could be delayed further.

Government sources confirmed yesterday that a decision tomorrow was now unlikely.

There appears to be broad agreement on selling a majority of Aer Lingus, on building a new Pier D at the airport and on the building, by the Dublin Airport Authority, of a second terminal.

But Tánaiste Mary Harney is insisting that an independent operator should run the second terminal.