A list of those killed in 'controversial circumstances'


The following is a list of the cases of ten people who were killed by loyalist or British security forces and whose deaths are under investigation at Dungannon Coroner's Court.

The cases under consideration are the Loyalist murder of Catholic pensioner Roseanne Mallon, 76, 10 years ago and uncle and nephew Jack and Kevin McKearney in 1992.

Mrs Mallon was killed by the UVF at her sister-in-law's home in Dungannon. A legal battle over evidence began after it emerged the house had been under surveillance by under-cover soldiers at the time of the killing. Arguments centred on access to soldiers' logs books and video footage.

The McKearney's were killed by loyalist gunmen as they worked in the family butcher's shop at Moy, County Tyrone.

The IRA men died at the hands of the SAS in two separate incidents and it is believed that at least one of them was video taped.

Four volunteers, Kevin Barry O'Donnell, Patrick Vincent, Sean O'Farrell and Peter Clancy were shot dead by the SAS at Clonoe, County Tyrone in 1992.

Three more Peter Ryan, Tony Doras and Lawrence McNally were killed at Coagh, County Tyrone in 1991 when SAS soldiers fired up to 200 shots at a stolen car they were travelling in.

Both incidents have been plagued by allegations of a "shoot-to-kill policy" operated by the security forces.