283 abused in Co Tipperary


Figures from the Tipperary Rape Crisis and Counselling Centre for 1998 show that fathers of victims were responsible for 15 per cent of child sexual abuse cases dealt with. Last year 283 victims of child sexual abuse were dealt with by the centre, which is based in Clonmel.

In 13 per cent of cases, the abuse was perpetrated by a neighbour, in 11 per cent by a brother and in 9 per cent by an uncle. Female abusers accounted for 6 per cent of all cases, as did family friends. Some 5 per cent said the abuse was committed by a person in authority, and 4 per cent said it was their grandfather. Multiple sources was the response of 10 per cent. A spokeswoman said the centre was finding it impossible to cope with the numbers seeking help, and she appealed for volunteers to train as counsellors.