The Irish Times Digital Subscription

What’s happening?

The Irish Times introduced a Digital Subscription on February 23rd 2015.

The new Digital Subscription is an option for readers who choose to read more than 10 articles a week on or 20 articles on the news app.  Subscribers will also be able to access over 10 million articles from more than 150 years of The Irish Times archives, crosswords and a number of subscriber-only services.

Why is The Irish Times introducing a Digital Subscription?

The Irish Times is continuously developing its digital content, introducing new services in response to the evolution of technology and related changes in readers’ needs.  This has led to significant growth in our readership on desktop, tablet and mobile.

A subscription service will allow us to invest in our journalism so we can continue to innovate in providing the best content and experience for our readers in the newspaper and on digital devices.

How does it work?

From February 23rd, there will be a limit on the number of full articles you can read for free on and on the news app. The limit will be 10 articles a week on and 20 articles on the app.  The higher article limit on the app reflects readers’ consumption patterns.  After reaching the limit, you will be invited to subscribe so you can continue to read the full text of articles.  The meter will reset seven days after you have read your first article. 

What remains free?

In addition to the free articles weekly, you will have unlimited access to the homepage, headlines, section pages, live blogs, videos, photos and podcasts. Articles shared through social channels such as Facebook and Twitter will also be free to access. Access through search will be free, though subject to the daily limit of 5 imposed by most search engines. Each full article you read will count towards your weekly limit of free articles.

What are my choices if I want to subscribe?

You can choose from two digital subscriptions and two print-digital bundle subscriptions.

  1. Standard Digital allows unlimited access to all content on on your computer, tablet or mobile, as well access to the news app on smartphone. Subscribers also have unlimited access to:
    • The Irish Times Digital Newspaper Archive, with over 10 million Irish Times articles dating back over 150 years;
    • The digital version of Simplex and Crosaire Crosswords;
    • IT Sunday, a subscriber-only service delivered direct to your email inbox and available to subscribers on;
    • Our Subscriber Benefits package, including complimentary eBooks featuring the best of Irish Times writing, special offers and discounts from our partners, and a chance to attend our subscriber-only events.
  2. Premium Digital has all of the features of Standard Digital, along with daily access to The Irish Times ePaper. The digital replica of the print edition is specially designed for your smartphone or tablet and is also available on desktop. The daily edition of the ePaper is available from 4am, and latest news is updated 24 hours a day.
  3. Complete Print & Digital is the Premium Digital package with Home Delivery of the newspaper six days a week. You can have the newspaper delivered free to your home or office in specified areas before 7.30am.
  4. Weekend Print & Digital is the Premium Digital package with Home Delivery on Saturday of the Weekend edition of the newspaper. You can have the newspaper delivered free in specified areas before 7.30am.

Corporate packages are available on request.

How are subscriptions priced?

Price per Month
Standard Digital * €12
Premium Digital * €16
Weekend Print & Digital €20
Complete Print & Digital €50

* An introductory offer of €1 applies for the first month of a Standard Digital or Premium Digital subscription.

How do I subscribe and pay?

To subscribe, follow the Subscribe tab on or go directly to Alternatively, once you have read more than 10 articles on the website or 20 articles in the news app in a seven-day period, you will get an on-screen message directing you to the Subscriptions page.

  • Subscriptions can be taken out through the website on desktop, tablet or mobile, or on the Android app.  iPhone app users can subscribe through the mobile website, but not through the app.
  • Payment can be made by debit or credit card.
  • Subscriptions will be paid monthly in advance and will be automatically renewed unless cancelled.
  • 10 days notice must be given to cancel a subscription.

How will I access my Digital Subscription once I have purchased?

Subscribers will have a username and password for their Irish Times subscription account, and can sign in on desktop, tablet or smartphone. Subscribers can access content on up to three devices simultaneously.

What if I’m already a subscriber to The Irish Times?

You may already have one of the following subscriptions:

Home Delivery
If you already have The Irish Times delivered to your home, you will get a complimentary upgrade to Premium Digital for six months (i.e. until 23 August 2015).  This means that you will continue to get your home delivery and you will also have unlimited access to and the news app, as well as the ePaper, and all the other benefits of the Premium Digital subscription. This entitlement will automatically be applied to your account, so you don’t need to do anything.

ePaper/Digital Edition
If you are already a subscriber to The Irish Times ePaper/Digital Edition, you will automatically be subscribed to Premium Digital so you can continue to enjoy the ePaper, but will also have unlimited access to the website and news app, as well as all the other benefits of the Premium Digital subscription.  Most subscribers will also enjoy a reduction in the cost of their subscription. You don't need to do anything to get this reduction or the additional benefits.

If you are already a crossword subscriber, you will continue to have access to the Crossword Club but you have the option to upgrade your subscription to either Standard or Premium Digital, thereby giving you unlimited access to Irish Times content. The digital crossword will continue to be available as a stand-alone subscription product for those customers who wish to purchase it at a cost of €5 per month.

If you are already a subscriber to our Digital/Newspaper Archive, contact the Customer Care team on +353 (0) 1 675 8894 or to discuss your options.

Can I have a free trial?

You can sample the Premium Digital or Standard Digital subscriptions by signing up for one month for just €1.  You will be able to subscribe from February 23rd.

If I'm paying for the news app and website, will there still be ads?

Yes, we will continue to serve ads on all of our publishing platforms.  The newspaper has always used a combination of its cover price and advertising to create enough revenue to support its journalism.

Further quesions?

For more information you can contact our customer care team, call +353 (0)1 675 8007 or find them on Twitter: @IrishTimesHelp.