Message to Irish Times readers

Monday, February 23rd 2015

Dear Reader,

The Irish Times will introduce a digital subscription from Monday February 23rd.  This is intended to support future investment in our unique brand of quality journalism.

Over the last 20 years we have developed our digital content, introducing new services in response to the evolution of technology and related changes in readers’ needs. This has led to significant growth in our readership on desktop, tablet and mobile.

This latest step will mean we can continue to invest in our journalism and deliver The Irish Times to our readers throughout the day in the format of their choice.

Much of the site will remain free, and you will continue to be able to browse and read up to 10 articles on the website, and 20 articles on the app, free every week. If you choose to read more full articles, you will be invited to subscribe in order to do so.  Details of the options are outlined below.

Whichever option you choose, we hope you continue to enjoy The Irish Times.



The following options will be available:

  • A Standard Digital subscription gives you unlimited access to on your computer, tablet and smartphone. This includes full access to daily content plus more than 10 million articles from over 150 years of Irish Times archives, our crosswords; our subscriber-only weekend read, IT Sunday, and invitations to reader events and offers.
  • A Premium Digital subscription includes all of the Standard Digital package and also gives daily access to the ePaper, for people who like to read The Irish Times as it appears in print.
  • Subscribers to the Weekend Print + Digital package will receive the Premium Digital pack plus home delivery of the weekend newspaper on a Saturday.
  • Subscribers to the Complete Print + Digital package will receive the Premium Digital package plus home delivery of the newspaper six days a week.
Price per Month
Standard Digital * €12
Premium Digital * €16
Weekend Print & Digital €20
Complete Print & Digital €50

* An introductory offer of €1 applies for the first month of a Standard Digital or Premium Digital subscription.

While users of android devices can purchase a subscription in the app iOS users will only be able to subscribe through

Readers who choose not to subscribe will still be able to freely access much of the site, including the homepage, section pages, videos, podcasts, photos, blogs and liveblogs.

They will still have their quota of free articles weekly, while access from social media will continue to be free. Access from search will be free but subject to the daily limit of five imposed by most search engines. After seven days, the meter will reset and readers can read another 10 articles.

You may find answers to further questions or queries here. You can purchase a digital subscription here. Alternatively, you can contact our customer care team, call +353 (0)1 675 8007 or find them on Twitter: @IrishTimesHelp.