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The Irish Times Audio Offering

If you like to listen rather than read, you can now access all of our podcasts as well as a wide selection of audio articles every day from The Irish Times.

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You can access Irish Times Podcasts on the web, The Irish Times app or other platforms like Soundcloud and Apple or Google Podcasts. Subscribe to a podcast and you will get new episodes sent to your device each week.

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Audio Article

Busy driving or commuting? Now you can enjoy a huge selection of Irish Times articles hands-free. Simply visit our "Listen" section or click on "Listen now" under the article title.



"Listen" is a new way to enjoy the very best journalism from The Irish Times.

  • • Visit on your smartphone
  • • Tap the Listen icon on the bottom-right
  • • Tap any audio and start listening
  • • You can also access the text version of the article by tapping the “READ THE FULL TEXT” button.

Scan this QR code to the start your "Listen" journey:


Mobile Audio Articles

When browsing The Irish Times on your smartphone, if an article has an audio version available, the "Listen now" button will be displayed under the headline

  • • Tap the "Listen now" button (if available), and start listening
  • • You can dock the player and keep reading
  • • To dock the player, tap on the drop down icon on the top-left

Visit The Irish Times Listen Page: