Travel gear: Gadgets to get you through the Christmas holidays

Parrot headphones, Jeep go-kart and a carry-on cockatail kit

Parrot Zik 2 headphones

You can be pretty sure Parrot intended its new Philippe Starck-designed Zik 2s would be widely available for Christmas, but they haven't quite arrived. Yet. Marketed as the world's most advanced headphones, they make the most of Parrot's bluetooth expertise for wireless listening, though you can cable them too. With a list of high-tech features too long for this column, highlights include a touch-sensitive control panel, an equaliser you programme on your smartphone and full digital 32-bit audio-processing.
About €350, check for details

Berg Jeep Adventure Go-Kart

Suited probably for those kids up to 12 years old or so, Dutch-made Berg Go-Karts are pedal-powered and well-constructed. This featured kart is based on the classic Jeep brand, but there's a whole range of models. It has BFR (brake, forward, reverse), so you slow down with the pedals and can sling it into reverse in an instant. There's a spare tyre at the back, with a swing front axle to let your karters tackle "off-road" terrain. You'll want to take it for a spin yourself.
€400 for this model from and many bike stores

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Okay, so it won't quite recreate the golden age of air travel, but it might just add an extra frisson of buzz to a city break flight. The Carry-On Cocktail Kit comes in simple little tin with everything to fix yourself a pair of Old Fashioned cocktails. Except unfortunately the booze. You have to buy your own brandy or whiskey, or better still, Bourbon. There's a recipe card, a combination spoon/twizzler, bitters, sugar and even a linen coaster for an extra touch of class.
$24 from