POC Receptor BUG Communication Helmet, LaCie PetiteKey and Coleman Portable Coffeemaker

POC Receptor BUG Communication Helmet

POC is a Swedish brand with a reputation for quality and stylish simplicity – despite this product’s mystifying name – and a mission to reduce the consequences of accidents among gravity sports athletes (in other words, gear for skiers, snowboarders and bikers.) This is its most popular helmet, now with a set of Dr Dre Beats headphones built-into the neck roll to hook up to most smartphones or mp3 players. The integrated mic and remote control allow users skip from track to call and back, while still defying gravity. The Receptor has a ventilated, double overlapping shell construction, with an EPS liner. POC Receptor BUG Communication Helmet; €220,

LaCie PetiteKey

Carrying a keyring with a USB key on it would once have marked you out as a prime nerd. Now, they’re routinely used to transfer everything from PowerPoint presentations to sets of photos or music. Not only does LaCie’s key motif fit comfortably with your regular keys, this thumb drive is tough as you like. It’s waterproof and scratchproof – LaCie say the PetiteKey will even survive a washing machine unscathed. It comes in three sizes (8GB, 16GB and 32GB), with AES 256-bit encryption software, and you get matching cloud storage with LaCie’s Wuala service.

LaCie PetiteKey, €14.99,

Coleman Portable Coffeemaker

Embrace the outdoors with this portable percolator. Serving shots of freshly brewed coffee, it takes regular camping gas cylinders and works just like a kitchen-top model. Add your favourite coffee blend, top-up the internal reservoir from a lake or stream and hit the “InstaStart” button. It gives 10 cups in about 20 minutes, with a 500g gas canister bubbling up 15 batches. Robust, but perhaps not for packing in a rucksack.

Coleman Portable Coffeemaker, $120 (€90),