A round-up of this week's gadgets

A round-up of this week's gadgets

Samsung Galaxy Camera

That’s not a typo: yes, a camera. Samsung has turned the worm with what’s effectively a camera with a small tablet integrated into it. The jury is still out on whether this is going to prove a great leap of logical thinking or barmy reverse engineering. Nikon is throwing the same dice with its Coolpix S800c.

It’s a decent digital compact: 21x optical zoom, 16 megapixel sharp screen image and Galaxyesque connectivity, with 3G/4G and wifi options. It’s running Android, of course, Google’s OS joust at the iPhone. This allows you to do lots of editing, tagging and foldering in-camera on the touchscreen.


Using a camera with a tablet’s connectedness cuts out the middleman uploading bit elsewhere: you can go direct to the waiting masses, even using Dropbox straight off the camera. The €500 question is: will this instant gratification be instantly addictive? The price of the Samsung Galaxy camera is TBA (apparently around the €500 mark) but it’s coming to outlets soon .

Injinji Performance

There was a time when something like this, a sock with separate toes, would more likely be found in a novelty gift shop than a technical outdoors outlet. No longer. The defiantly tongue-twisting Injinji has introduced a range of high-spec socks in different weights. This midweight Mini Crew has a seamless 360 degree knit construction in the sole and heel for free movement from heel to all five toes. The fabric is all wickable, of course, and the separate toes are great for keeping blisters at bay, although some of us with rather butty little ’uns will have to develop better technique in the pulling on.

Injinji Performance Midweight Toesocks, €14, from

12 Skinth SP Sheath

These guys are focused on a niche idea: customisable versions of pocket, backpack or belt mini-cases. They are largely for men and Skinth calls them Sheaths.

They are for tools, personal electronics, balls of string, chewed chewing gum and all that sort of thing. Just William would have made his own.

The SP Sheath is the smartphone model, with space for a couple of markers, credit cards, a penknife, flashlight or whatever else your inner boy scout wants to stash. They come in lots of different colours and sizes, with added strap-ons for other gadgets. And for all the phnarring above, they are really well designed and surprising useful. Skinth SP Sheath, $45, from