Róisín Meets . . . twin musicians Heathers

Ellie and Louise McNamara talk about singing and writing together on the podcast

Ellie and Louise McNamara, also known as Heathers, with Róisín Ingle.

Ellie and Louise McNamara, also known as Heathers, with Róisín Ingle.


In the latest episode of the Róisín Meets podcast, musicians Ellie and Louise McNamara, also known as Heathers, joined Róisín Ingle to talk about writing new music, working together and life as twins.

The duo also performed two songs, November and Loosen Up.

Heathers have been making music together since their Leaving Cert year, when they recorded their first album, Here, Not There.

They are now working on their third album, which is due out later this year.

Ellie and Louise, who come from Blackrock in Dublin, said they have both struggled with anxiety in the past and that difficult events helped to inspire their previous material.

Louise said this album has been a more positive experience.

Róisín Meets . . . Heathers

“I think we’re a bit older now . . . I think we’ve learned to cope with things better. Writing these songs we just decided to go away for a year and just write music.”

The 25-year-olds spent some of that time writing in the US, the UK and in Co Clare, where their dad comes from.

“I think our most productive time was probably in the west of Ireland. Our Dad is from Ennistymon in Co Clare. We have a house there and we go down there an awful lot and it was just – shut everything out, turn off the phones and the internet. I think that’s probably where we got most of the songs from,” said Louise.

Growing up

Heathers also spoke to Róisín about growing up as twins and how that has shaped their personalities.

They also said there are benefits to being in a band with a sibling.

According to Ellie: “We’re really close and we spend nearly all of our time together. It has been really, really nice.

“I think at the beginning when we were a lot younger we didn’t appreciate it as much, but having each other when we’re on the road and having your sister to support you is really cool . . . it’s helpful in the moments of homesickness too.”

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