Why we need to keep talking about Clodagh Hawe

Ireland can become the safest country in the world for women and children but we need leadership on the issue – and that means from everyone

Clodagh Hawe and family

Clodagh Hawe and family

We may think that everything that needs to be said has been said about Alan Hawe’s decision to murder Clodagh Hawe (née Coll) and their beautiful children. But it hasn’t. We have to keep the conversation going and we have to have it in a way that includes everyone in this country.

We have to take this terrible pain and do something good with it. We have to do the things that we know we can do to reduce the chances of this happening again and we have to do those things now. It is tough stuff, but in Ireland we know through how we faced and dismantled the institutionalised abuse of children that we find the best of ourselves when we are brave enough to examine the worst of ourselves.

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