The Yes Woman: Never mind Valentine’s nonsense. Wherefore art thou, mutual tolerance?

Forget unsustainable notions of romantic love. The trick is to find someone who will take you as you are, farting in your sleep and all

Illustration: Dearbhla Kelly

Illustration: Dearbhla Kelly

The hulking monster that is Valentine’s Day is a symptom of our belief that we can have it all in a relationship. It permeates the ether from the beginning of February, raising expectations with its odour of heart sweets and wax strips.

Our relationship should not be just the deepest and most elemental friendship of our lives, we are led to believe, but that friend should also be someone to woo, or be wooed by: a suitor, a person who will bow at our altar and worship us as being infinitely more important than everyone else. It should be someone who will empathise with us and think of us in poetic terms.

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