Ep 475 All the single ladies: love in lockdown


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In Ireland 40% of people don’t live in a couple. When you look at those in the 16-29 age bracket, that skyrockets to 71%. After almost a year of lockdowns, give or take the odd month when restrictions were relaxed, the rules introduced to fight the spread of coronavirus have meant that sex between single people, or established couples who don’t cohabit, has in effect been illegal, against regulations, or only allowed outdoors. So, is it possible to date in a pandemic? How difficult is it to live a life starved of physical affection? And, what will dating be like when all of this is over? In response to a listener email highlighting some of the issues around being a single person in the pandemic, we gathered a panel of women together on Valentine’s Day to discuss the realities of dating, or not, during lockdown. In today’s podcast Róisín talks to Irish Times advice columnist Roe McDermott, journalist, blogger and Irish Times contributor Filomena Kaguako and Emily Wicks, a beauty blogger and plus size model from Waterford who was on First Dates last year. 🚨Announcement 🚨- Season three of the Women’s Podcast 'Big Night In' kicks off at 7pm on Saturday March 6th. We’ve got Mary McAleese, Tolu Makay, Maeve Higgins, and more, lined up for an evening of conversation with Róisín Ingle. Tickets on sale, soon!


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