Ep 469 The shocking gender disparity on Irish radio / Conductor Marin Alsop


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Six months on from a report that showed a huge difference between the amount of radio play that male Irish artists get on stations around Ireland compared with the number of times songs by female Irish artists are played, the balance has improved only slightly in many cases. Although a handful of stations have improved, male performers still account for 80 or 90 per cent of radio play in a lot of instances, according to research in the Gender Disparity Report on Irish radio, compiled by the Why Not Her? collective. It outlines a continuing gender disparity among the 20 most-played songs by Irish artists on Irish stations between June 24th and December 24th, 2020. On today’s podcast, Roisin Ingle speaks to activist and Why Not Her? founder Linda Coogan-Byrne about the report’s findings, where improvements have been made and what she believes needs to be done to achieve greater gender and racial diversity on Irish Radio. The hugely successful singer-songwriter RuthAnne also gives her reaction to the report and describes her own experience as an artist trying to break through what she describes as the “lad sound” on Irish Radio. Later in the show, we speak to Marin Alsop, a groundbreaking orchestra conductor considered to be one of the best in the world. Marin was recently a guest tutor on the National Concert Hall's award-winning Female Conductor Programme. Our co-producer Jennifer Ryan caught up with her afterwards.


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