Ep 410 Sex & The Pandemic: Cindy Gallop


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Cindy Gallop Some listeners may remember Cindy Gallop from 2009 when she did a hugely popular Ted Talk in which she shared her experience of how hardcore pornography had distorted the way a generation of young men thinks about sex - and how she's fighting back. This was the genesis of her social sex company Make Love Not Porn, a user-generated video-sharing platform where people can submit videos of themselves having “real world” sex. Make Love Not Porn has been positively thriving during the pandemic and Gallop joined Roisin Ingle to discuss how dating younger men led to her creation of the company and why her mission to get people talking about sexual activity in a normal, shame-free way could mean the end of rape culture and gender-based abuse. In this episode, we also pay tribute to the seven sisters and their aunt in Co Tipperary, members of the traveling community, who this week spoke out about the horrific sexual abuse they were exposed to over decades. Their bravery followed the sentencing of their father James O'Reilly to jail for 20 years after being convicted of 58 counts of rape and nine counts of sexual assault following a 27-day trial at the Central Criminal Court.


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