The Happy Pear: ‘When we started, people looked at us with pity’

The Flynn twins behind the Happy Pear became vegetarians – each unbeknown to the other – on the same day 14 years ago. It was the start of something big

It’s hard to keep up with David and Stephen Flynn, the twins behind the Happy Pear cookbook, and two Greystones cafes of the same name. We meet at lunchtime in their cafe. They have been up since 6am making soup.

Their almost daily photo of the sunrise over the sea in Greystones is on Instagram, they have done some yoga in between filming segments for Ireland AM, and they are excited about testing their new coffee-bean roaster. They record snippets of their day on Snapchat, and their energy is obvious in their YouTube videos. None of it is an act for the cameras. They are effervescent, and their enthusiasm for healthy food is genuine.

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