Meghan Markle has delicate ankles. I fear for them on the Temple Bar cobbles

Though I covet her well-turned pins – I worry they could prove a liability on any proposed 'mini-moon' in Dublin

Britain’s Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle visit a pub, peace initiative, science park and Titanic museum during a whistle-stop tour of Northern Ireland on Friday. Video: Reuters

I read that Meghan Sparkle and Prince Harry are to visit Dublin for a two-day “mini-moon” after their May nuptials. It’s probably best not to go rushing out to buy yourself a Union Jack fascinator just yet, however, as the visit is unverified, and anyway I tend to find my news in quite obscure places, such as under the cat lit. But should the starlit couple hit the Irish capital, it’s understood that their itinerary will include visits to galleries and historic sites as well as, apparently, some lyrical moments spent “getting lost on its meandering, haphazard streets”.

As one well versed in getting lost on those haphazard streets, occasionally by going into a bar through one door and exiting by a surprise second, only to find myself surrounded by a bevy of kitchen porters having a back-door smoke, or by being obliged to circumnavigate some bloke urinating against a giant wheelie bin, I have to say that the “getting lost” experience is not all it’s cracked up to be.

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