Bees, spuds and peas: fresh ideas for sustainable urban living

Andrew Douglas's Urban Farm project demonstrates just how much can be achieved in small spaces in the city

Andrew Douglas is an urban farmer who grows vegetables and keeps bees on the roof of Belvedere College, Dublin. He shares his four top tips for people who want to grow and harvest their own produce in the city. Video: Bryan O'Brien

There are lime trees somewhere in Dublin that inner city bees are having the times of their lives with. Andrew Douglas, of Urban Farm, knows this because the honey the bees make in hives on a rooftop in Dublin 1 tastes citrusy.

“At full summertime, it’s like Heathrow Airport here, a lovely line of direct flight, they fly back in and fly out,” Douglas said, standing atop the roof of Belvedere College as the bees buzz around their hives in the sunshine.

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