The Mystery Man


Peter Bergmann

The man whose body was discovered on Rosses Point, Co Sligo, in June 2009, five days after he had arrived in Sligo by bus from Derry. No passport, ID or credit cards were found in his possessions. Police soon discovered that there was nothing straightforward about this case.

The Gardaí


John O’Reilly

Currently the Garda Chief Superintendent of the Cavan-Monaghan district. He was a former detective inspector of the Sligo-Leitrim division, and led the Peter Bergmann investigation in 2009. Ten years on, the case continues to resonate with him.

Ray Mulderrig

The current Garda Detective Inspector at Sligo Garda Station and lead investigator on the Peter Bergmann case, which remains open.

Terry MacMahon

A former sergeant at Sligo Garda Station, he took the 6.45am call on June 16th, 2009, reporting the discovery of a body at Rosses Point beach. Currently the sergeant in charge of Grange Garda Station in Co Sligo.

Gerry Moylan

Sergeant at Sligo Garda Station.

The Eyewitnesses

Vincent Dunbar

Former depot inspector at Sligo Bus Station. He gave directions to Peter Bergmann about which bus went to Rosses Point Beach.


Paula and Dermot Lahiff

They saw Peter Bergmann on Rosses Point beach the evening of June 15th, 2009, the day before his body was discovered.


Arthur Kinsella

The person who found Peter Bergmann dead on the beach early on June 16th, 2009. He called Sligo Garda Station to report the discovery.


Clive Kilgallen

The consultant pathologist at Sligo University Hospital who conducted the autopsy on Peter Bergmann on June 17th, 2009, which revealed even more secrets about this mystery man.


Brian Scanlon

Has been working at Sligo Cemetery for 30 years. He conducted the burial of Peter Bergmann on September 18th, 2009.

The Film-maker

Ciaran Cassidy

The film-maker who was fascinated by the case. He made an 18-minute documentary, The Last Days of Peter Bergmann (Fastnet Films), in 2013.


Reporter: Rosita Boland

Producer: Declan Conlon

Sound: JJ Vernon

Visual Identity and Design: Elinor O'Neill & Marco Bonifazi

Project editor: Brian Kilmartin