58: Volkswagen Tiguan – surprisingly its more popular than the Golf

Top cars for 2020: Classy machine best sampled in R-Line form


Volkswagen’s Tiguan has achieved something of an interesting milestone in 2019 - it’s actually out-sold the mighty Golf in Ireland. Now, that needs to be taken in the context of this being the run-out year for the seventh generation Golf, but it’s still an interesting indication that Irish car buyers’ eyes are looking ever upward, both in terms of price and of physical height.

The Tiguan’s a pretty classy machine, best sampled in (admittedly expensive) R-Line form, which makes the best of its handsome exterior styling. As always with VW Group products, basic versions have pretty plain cabins, but they become more interesting the more optional extras you lavish upon them.

The basics, though - comfort, space, quality - are all present and correct right across the range. 2.0-litre TDI diesel engines are the most commonly seen, but don’t discount the 1.5-litre turbo petrol option, which is both smooth and surprisingly economical. Tiguan Allspace seven-seater has useful extra seats and boot space, but looks rather poor value compared to the rival Peugeot 5008. Off-books 240hp Bi-Turbo model is, effectively, a slightly more affordable Skoda Kodiaq RS with different bodywork.

Best model: Tiguan R-Line 2.0 TDI 150hp for €40,950

Price range: €30,850 to €50,650 Finance from €349 per month.

Co2 emissions: 154 to 210g/km

Sum up: Pricey, but very satisfying SUV.

* A note on Co2 figures: For almost all the cars in the Top 100, we’ve quoted the stricter WLTP figures for Co2 emissions. A few are still quoted on their older NEDC2 figure, and that’s the number they’ll be taxed on. If you’re confused at all, just consult your local dealer for specific data for the make and model in which you’re interested