54: Hyundai Ioniq - best value electric choice this year

Top cars for 2020: Upgrade means you can expect better than 300km on a single charge


Hyundai’s electric and plugin-hybrid car suffers a touch from anonymous styling. Still, there’s a very decent car under there.

The plugin-hybrid version makes going part-electric very easy, while the fully electric version has just been upgraded.

So you should expect better than 300km on a single charge. It’s also well priced, starting at just under €30,000, which seems like something of a bargain for an electric car of this size and capability. Bravo, Hyundai.

Best model: Ioniq Electric for €29,745. Price range: €29,745 to €32,745. Finance from €337 per month. Electric range: up to 312km. Sum up: Best-value electric choice in 2019.