51: Hyundai i10 – Arguably all you need for urban motoring

Top cars for 2020: Roomy enough for four and beautifully made


Small cars such as this are devilishly difficult to turn a profit on - but thankfully the i10 gets an all-new version early next year. What the i10 best represents is minimal motoring. You don’t really, actually, need anything more than this.

It’s roomy enough for four. It zips around town centres and has sufficient pep so that long motorway journeys are not a chore. It’s beautifully made and you only get equipment you need. The little 1.0-litre engine runs on the merest smell of fuel, so if you’re looking for a way to be environmentally responsible with your motoring, then arguably this is a better option than a more expensive, heavier, electric car.

Best model: i10 Deluxe for €15,245.

Price range: €13,745 to €17,245. Finance from €155 per month.

Co2 emissions: 117 to 129g/km.

Sum up: You don’t need any more than this.