42: Volkswagen Passat – current king of the family saloon segment

Top cars for 2020: A very mild update has kept it current - as does the plug-in hybrid


Just updated for 2020, the Passat soldiers on as the current king of the family saloon segment. One might think, given the craze for SUVs, that such a segment was not worth the winning, but with sales of more than 1,600 Passats so far this year (well ahead of anything else in the segment) clearly this is still a game worth the play.

The Passat’s update has been a pretty mild one with just a few trim and equipment updates, and the option of the new Travel Assist driver assistance systems. Meanwhile the plugin-hybrid GTE version gets a bigger battery and an electric-only range that now exceeds 50km.

Other than that? It’s the same Passat it’s always been – solidly built, roomy, comfy, and just slightly sharper to drive than you might imagine. Its only problem that the Passat has, really,is the factthat the Skoda Superb uses all the same mechanical bits for a slightlylower price, with a bigger cabin and boot.

Best model: GTE excellent but pricey so maybeR-Line 2.0 TDI 150 estate for €41,295.

Price range: €31,395 to €48,595. Finance from €349 per month.

Co2 emissions: 29 to 179g/km. Sum up: A simple recipe, well-executed.