Citroën reveals new C1 city car

New French supermini features several high-end options in the range

New look Citroën C1

New look Citroën C1


Citroën has revealed its new C1, the second reveal (after the Peugeot 108) in the three-pronged small car family that will be competed with the arrival of the all-new Toyota Aygo. Like the Aygo, the C1 will get its first public outing at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and Citroen is hoping that, following 760,000 sales of the outgoing model, ever more buyers will be drawn to its cute and cuddly nature. That’s assuming that those buyers can get past the rather challenging frontal styling first.

At just 3.4-metres long the C1 is certainly compact, but Citroën is giving it some high-end options such as two-tone paint and a full-length canvas sunroof called an Airscape. Inside, you can optionally have a seven-inch touchscreen and such things as keyless entry, a hill-holder clutch and a reversing camera.

Power comes from a new 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine (no diesels this time around - too expensive) and Citroën claims that the 82hp version can achieve better than 65mpg, thanks in part to a low kerb weight of just 840kg. There will also be a 68hp version which is expected to be even more miserly with fuel.