3 of a kind



As the last leaves fall from the trees it is essential to make the indoors feel as verdant as possible. One very simple way is to bring house plants into your home. A cheap and chic way to update your greenery is to add a couple of bamboo-frame side tables designed by Henrik Preutz for this year’s PS Collection for Ikea (Ikea.ie). The designer went back to the 1970s to reimagine the way plants look in the home. The slim, bamboo-frame table (left) comes with three top options, all made of plastic. One has four compressions that are the perfect size for standard potted plants. It can also be used to accommodate children’s colouring pencils or even mini-ice buckets for beer. The tables cost €40 each.

The O series of furniture looks at accommodating your potted plants within a piece of furniture. London-based Korean designer Je-Uk Kim, founder of JiB Studio (00-44-2076-970215, Jibds.com) and creator of the Credenza O planter and console pieces, has come up with designs that become a piece of living art in your home. Both pieces of furniture have a sunken area to store the plants. Included in the price are ceramic vessels designed by another Korean designer, ceramicist Sun Kim. In this furniture her vessels can be used as planters or empty as decoration. The white lacquer top and hand-waxed oak console costs from €2,508 (£2,000); the credenza (above) costs from €5,267 (£4,200).

Glass plant pots are not new. American fashion designer Marc Jacobs created a beautiful plant pot collection that allowed you to see your plants grow and thrive when he collaborated with Waterford Crystal some years ago. Vida, designed by Jomi Marco and Josep Armengol, is another glass flower pot that draws the eye in. It is made of durable Pyrex and is perfect for those of us with green thumbs and butter fingers.

The Mia herb pot by LSA (below) is an affordable option. Made of 100 per cent recycled glass and standing 12cm high, it is the perfect size for kitchen herbs such as basil and mint. It is available to buy from Beautiful Homes Direct (beautiful homes direct.com) for €10.66 (£8.50) each.