Why I Love . . . yoga retreats

For John Healy, yoga helps counteract his intense work life having returned after surgery

After I had my heart transplant, I knew I needed a big life change that wasn’t just physical. A friend introduced me to yoga in February 2011, and it changed my life.

I started going three or four days a week, practising hatha yoga. With “ha” representing the esoteric sun and “tha” the moon, this form of yoga aims to balance these two energies through postures and breathing.

I find I enjoy practising in the evenings as it helps me to sleep deeply. Being in the restaurant industry and working crazy hours means I have to pick up my practice and leave it depending on my schedule. That's why I love yoga retreats. Mari Kennedy's retreats are some of my favourites, as she follows the old Celtic calendar and each retreat is held at the changing of seasons.

The combination of my normal practice, along with occasional weekend retreats of deep yoga and meditation has helped me to counteract my intense work life, now that I’m back in full-time work at Suesey Street.


Aside from the mental break yoga and yoga retreats give me, I’ve seen my entire body tone up, which is a nice added benefit.

John Healy, general manager at Suesey Street and No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place