Dear Roe, dear Trish, dear John: Your thorniest sex, relationship and parenting problems

We asked you for your pandemic-related issues. Here, our experts tackle some of the trickiest

When we put out a call to readers, asking for your pandemic-related problems, we were overwhelmed by the response. Here, our advice experts Roe McDermott, Trish Murphy and John Sharry tackle some of your thorniest issues

Your questions for Roe McDermott

Dear Roe

My fiancee and I have been together for two years, and our relationship has always been filled with lots of travel and adventures and nights out, and so Covid has been hard in many ways. My fiancee has been looking after her mother who lives on her own, and so we have been on complete lockdown, seeing only each other and her mother.

Without all the usual excitement and outings, we’re struggling to find things to talk about and it’s all feeling very strained. We haven’t had sex in a month and I feel like our relationship has moved backwards. I’m scared we’re going to come out of this not wanting to get married. How can we get back on track?

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