Australia: Irish organisations

From Facebook pages to the old reliable - the Irish pub - there’s no shortage of support Down Under

While you may be planning to embrace Australian life and culture, you might also find yourself more willing than you thought to seek out the Irish community there. Homesickness can do that to you. It might be nice to find people who miss Barry’s Tea as much as you do.


Irish Echo


Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce

Sport and culture


has clubs in every state


(Irish social and cultural centre)

Support groups

The Department of Foreign Affairs has a list of associations and community support organisations for those




t (Dublin)

Online networks

on Facebook (nearly 40,000 likes)

on Facebook (nearly 32,000 likes)

The old-fashioned way

The Irish in Australia have always watched out for each other and it’s usually easy to tap into informal support networks. Find out about friends of friends living where you are going, or failing all else, call into a local Irish bar when you get there.

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor is a former Irish Times business journalist