Guilt-free carrot cake

This guilt-free recipe has less sugar and fat but gives you the same great taste

Apple & Cinnamon Strudel baked by Venessa Greenwood. Photograph: Harry Weir

Have a go at this traditional fruit-filled pastry that’s surprisingly easy to make

Vanessa Greenwood’s Christmassy red velvet cupcakes. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

A bestseller in all the coffee shops at this time of year, here’s how to make this festive treat at home

Vanessa Greenwood’s cranberry and white chocolate muffins

An easy to make delicious festive treat adored by both children and adults

Biscotti: one of Italy’s often overlooked treasures

Also known as cantucci, these nut-studded cookies make great home-made gifts

Chewy ginger nut cookies. Photograph: Harry Weir

Easy to make and more-ishly tempting

Meringue roulade with mixed berry coulis. Photograph: Harry Weir

A party favourite, who doesn’t like a crunchy crusted, marshmallow-centred meringue dessert filled with fresh fruit and whipped cr(...)

Les Carolines: miniature-style eclairs filled with pastry cream are adorable served with afternoon tea. Photograph: Harry Weir

Once you follow some simple rules, it is a very easy pastry to make

Photograph: Harry Weir

With just a mug and a microwave you’ll have a gooey chocolate treat in a few minutes

For some, the perfect cheesecake is all about the fluffy filling, for others it all starts with a perfect, easy to slice, biscuit base. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

A dash of Baileys adds a little luxury to this family favourite

Peanut butter brownies: deliciously rich and easy to bake. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

Who can resist a recipe for gorgeously gooey morsels of fudgy chocolate?

Most families have their own tea brack recipe and you can add a bit of fun with a wrapped up coin and ring.  Photograph: Harry Weir

Vanessa Greenwood on Baking: As the dark evenings creep in, it’s pure comfort with a cup of tea and a scrape of butter

A good coffee cake is something special, something I attribute to good coffee essence. Photograph:  Harry Weir

Baking shouldn’t be scary – especially with tried-and-tested, easy-to-follow recipes like this

Vanessa Greenwood’s oxtail soup with Marmite creme fraiche.

It’s an unfashionable cut, but oxtail can make delicious, warming dishes like this soup and braise. Photographs: Harry Weir

Vanessa Greenwood’s hot passion fruit soufflés

Fruity treats for Valentine’s. Photographs: Harry Weir

Vanessa Greenwood’s pearl barley stew with Alsace bacon

The grain is going through a renaissance and here it is used as a stew and as a substitute for pasta. Photographs: Harry Weir

Vanessa Greenwood’s orange chocolate torte

Desserts that make the most of the citrus fruit when it is at its best. Photographs: Harry Weir

Vanessa Greenwood’s haddock curry

Curried, or paired with a dramatic sauce Nero, haddock has its day. Photographs: Harry Weir

Haddock curry

Vanessa Greenwood’s tian of quinoa, beetroot, red onion and mozzarella

Healthy option recipes using the super seed. Photographs: Harry Weir

Vanessa Greenwood’s pot roast chicken with turnip, carrot and baby potatoes.

Transform the humble root veg into something seductive. Photographs: Harry Weir

Vanessa Greenwood’s mini blue cheese scones with fig jam

It can be hectic in the kitchen today, so here are two tasty ways with bread and blue cheese that will fill a gap. Photographs: Ha(...)

Vanessa Greenwood’s stir fried Brussels sprouts with smoked bacon and wine

Chances are you’ll be eating a few of these next week, so here are some ideas to make them taste delicious. Photographs: Harry Wei(...)

Vanessa Greenwood’s smoked salmon terrines with avocado and crab

A terrine with smoked salmon, avocado and crab that you can prepare ahead, and a recipe for hot smoking salmon at home. Photograph(...)

Light smoked mackerel and apple mousse with Melba toast

Apples are used both within this mousse and as a garnish, with watercress and toast

Light smoked mackerel and apple mousse with melba toast. Photograph: Harry Weir

Try an elegant pâté or lightly seared fillets with pickled courgette. Photographs: Harry Weir

Roast venison with pumpkin barley risotto and juniper jus

Lean, flavoursome venison is the centrepiece of these impressive dishes. Photographs: Harry Weir

Vanessa Greenwood’s linguine with garlic and hazelnut crumble

Garlic is one of the most useful ingredients in the kitchen.

Vanessa Greenwood’s pear frangipane tart

Sweet or savoury, this autumn fruit has plenty of potential. Photographs: Harry Weir

Love them or hate them?  Oysters tend to divide opinion. Photograph:  Harry Weir

For Food Month, Irish Times writers and well-known faces make the case for and against common - and not so common - foods. Vanessa(...)

Vanessa Grenwood’s beef stew with cheesy dumplings

Two quite different warming winter stews, one with mushrooms, ale and cheese, the other accompanied by pommes duchesse

The autumnal favourite pops up in a warming bowl of dahl and as a stuffing for a vegetable taco

Aromatic, pungent and healthy, ginger is a wonderful addition to many dishes, not to mention some delicious desserts

Pro-Ams (ambitious home cooks) like to serve duck breasts at a dinner party

A fine pair of recipes for duck breasts: pan-fried with a herb polenta, or with a carrot and ginger puree, and orange and fennel s(...)

Men seem to suffer a particular weakness towards apples and custard

Apples can awaken memories of childhood desserts and pork dishes. Our chefs come up with two modern takes on traditional apple rec(...)

Celeriac tasting plate – when nonvegetarians are ordering the vegetarian dishes, you know you’ve hit the mark, and that’s exactly what happens with this cracker

This root, related to celery, is having a moment – try it as a rosti and as the basis for a tasting plate

Gary’s way... kale and ham hock terrine with cornichons and salad cream

People rave about its health benefits, but our chefs are more interested in how it tastes, whether in a simple salad or a ham hock(...)

"As the temperature drops, my head turns to my stomach for comfort... Salads turn to stews and light sauces become laden with the beautiful fat we call butter."

Coffee adds richness and style to cakes and steak to please even those who don’t like the drink

Mexican chargrilled corn dippers with mango salsa

The season is short in Ireland, so seize the moment and try it two ways: chargrilled on the cob, and made into a creamy bisque

Asian style oysters with toasted seaweed. Photograph by Harry Weir

Oysters are a true Irish delicacy, here they are given an oriental twist and a more traditional approach – with Guinness, naturall(...)

Blueberries are handy to buy in small punnets for cereal toppings and fruit snacks

Blueberries are good for us, and they’re also very versatile – here they are used in a gluten-free loaf cake, and a fruity compote

Vanessa Greenwood’s falafel balls

What can you do with chickpeas? Lots, as these family-friendly falafal and vegetarian ragout recipes show

This easy tarragon chicken one-pot with sweet and juicy sunblush tomatoes  suits entertaining

The ubiquitous chicken breast gets a makeover and is transformed into something altogether more interesting

A 1930s upside down pineapple cake gets reinvented with cardamom-laced sweet and juicy fruit, and it works

This spice can be used to enhance both sweet and savoury dishes, so here are suggestions for both

Vanessa’s way... pea & tarragon soup with crispy pancetta

A healthy, easy-to-make soup and a vegetarian dish with papparelle

Prawns pil pil (left) and poached prawns with prawn bisque, saffron potatoes and garden peas

Sizzle them in garlic and chilli oil for a Spanish tapa, or poach them gently and make a robust bisque with the roasted shells

Beetroot and goat’s cheese strudel with red onion marmalade and Grilled radicchio with St Tola goat’s cheese, pistachios and pomegranate. Photographs: Harry Weir

Classic goat’s cheese and beetroot get a crisp coating, and grilled radicchio and pomegranate are more unusual partners for the ch(...)

Classic goat’s cheese and beetroot get a crisp coating, and grilled radicchio and pomegranate are more unusual partners for the ch(...)

This is a recipe that is so easy, whenever I make it, I kick myself for not making it more often

Summer’s bounty is here and if you’re wondering what to do with a glut of tomatoes, here are two suggestions

Nona’s pomodori gratin

To assemble, spread pastry cream over the baked pastry case and top with strawberries.
Strawberry tart

Vanilla panna cotta

If you’re not one for firing up the barbecue in all weathers, these chops can be grilled in your home oven under a medium hot gril(...)

Vanessa’s asparagus, blood orange and wild rice salad. Photograph: Harry Weir

Whether for a great main course salad or for your buffet table, these asparagus recipes will have your guests oohing and aahing

Monkfish curry. Photograph: Harry Weir

This fish loves spice; here it’s used in a Thai green curry, and pan-roasted and served with a coconut, red pepper and chilli sauc(...)

An American style cookie that’s golden and chewy, and a rich, indulgent cake that can be dressed up for a special occasion

Venessa Greenwood’s Chocolate Chip cookies. Photograph: Harry Weir

This is a recipe I first wrote down in my Home Economics jotter at school, which shows that it’s an inspiring recipe for even the (...)

Serve warm with a salad of mixed leaves. Photograph: Harry Weir Photograph
Two ways to cook... onion

It’s the backbone of savoury cooking . . . where would we be without them?We serve up a tart and a bisque

Rhubarb Eve’s pudding

To finish, slice the pork tenderloin and serve with a spoonful of the chutney and a piece of the bok choy.

A taste sensation pudding inspired by grandma, and a chutney to serve with pork and bok choy.

Vanessa Greenwood heads to India for inspiration, while Gary O’Hanlon gets creative with an Italian risotto

A recent guest created an Indian feast based on recipes she learned from her mother-in-law, who comes from Jaipur

Vanessa’s  ham and French bean pasta bake. Photograph:  Harry Weir

In the our new series ‘Two Ways...” Vanessa Greenwood cooks tasty family meals while Gary O'Hanlon tries something more adventurou(...)

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