Hilan restaurant: beware the bossam

The waiter urged caution when we ordered, but did we listen?

It serves me right really. Our Chinese waiter, Lei, looks a little alarmed when we order the Bossam, a dish of spiced pork belly with trimmings. “European people don’t like this,” he explains diplomatically nudging us towards a different pork plate. “I think it sounds great,” I say flashing my best “we’re gutsy eaters”. I’ve eaten my body weight in pork belly, gnawed (and liked) chicken’s feet, and swallowed half of a pig’s eyeball. What can be so challenging about a platter of spiced pork meat?

We’re in Hilan Korean restaurant on Dame Street. It’s a new sister restaurant to the Capel Street original and slap bang in the middle of one of Dublin’s busiest tourist strips. It has the feel of a Parnell-Street-lite ethnic restaurant with 98FM playing and stainless steel cutlery in a pot on the table alongside the chopsticks.

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