Lamb Barbacoa with green rice, tomato and avocado salsa and a tangy Mexican slaw. Photograph: Lynda Kenny

Tasty dishes you can prepare in advance so you can enjoy the day itself

Winter chicken salad

Goats cheese and asparagus frittata: perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Good intentions go out the window when you’re unprepared. Make these dishes in advance and stay on track

Slow cooked chicken with chorizo. Photograph: Harry Weir

Eunice Power tries out one of the most popular winter kitchen gadgets - and finds some great meals you can make while you get on w(...)

Slow cooked chicken and chorizo. Photograph: Harry Weir

Delicious chicken falling off the bone in a rich, smoky tomato sauce – magic

Coconut beef casserole. Photograph: Harry Weir
Coconut beef casserole

A slow-cooked spicy delight that makes the perfect winter dinner

Serve the beef with the cooking liquid and vegetables, such as wilted kale. Photograph: Shane O’Neill/Aspect Photography

Made in the slow cooker, the meat falls apart after eight hours and the flavour is divine

Spiced cranberry bars
Spiced cranberry bars

These tangy bars with a fruit mix in the middle have a Christmassy scent

Rye crackers. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography
Rye crackers

These take some rolling but your efforts will be rewarded when it comes to eating them

Lime cordial is great with sparkling water. Photograph: Harry Weir
Lime cordial


If you are looking for lovely gift boxes and jars try  Sostrene Grene

Thoughtful without being too gushing, edible gifts are always welcome- and don't forget that pretty boxes, tins and bottles make a(...)

Kitchen confident: sometimes it is more important to create a feeling of space rather than to have lots and lots  of storage.

You don’t need a lot of gadgets to have a great place to cook, potter, read and chat in

Origami birds add a touch of magic

Eunice Power has been catering weddings for more than a decade and shares her expertise

Chocolate and eggs make a tasty yet light cake and rhubarb goes into a great posset

Stem ginger cookies

These delicious stem ginger cookies are the perfect companion for rhubarb posset

Rhubarb posset

The first of the rhubarb is the best, delicate and pink stems protected by huge leaves

Celebrate with a delicious, fun and chocolatey Easter cake

Stuffed three cheese arancini

I think I inherited this gene from my grandmother, whose store cupboard was an expression of her wartime insecurity.
Larder love, actually

Stock your food cupboard with a few staples and you’ll be set for anything this Christmas

Caramelised oranges

Hot orange soufflé

Red Snapper

It’s all about relaxed cooking with wonderful sounds and smells of coffee percolating, eggs and bacon spluttering. Photograph: Shane O’Neill/ Aspect Photography

Having friends or family can be as complicated or as easy as you want to make it

Turkish eggs

Orange marmalade polenta muffins

Pile the remaining cream on top, decorate with redcurrants and drizzle with reserved redcurrant jelly. Photograph: Patrick Browne
Redcurrant pavlova

 Photograph: Patrick Browne

Pavlova – with a splash of colour and a tart note from redcurrants – and a favourite honey cake

Renata’s honey layer cake

Roll out the cookie dough on a floured counter, and cut into Christmassy shapes. Photograph: Brownes photography

Nothing trumps a homemade gift at Christmas, so get going on these relish, biscuit and mincemeat recipes

Roll out the cookie dough on a floured counter, and cut into Christmassy shapes. Photograph: Brownes photography
Christmas tree cookies

Parmesan and rosemary biscuits

Mince Pies made by Eunice Power at her home Powersfield House. Photograph: Alan Betson
Alternative mince pie filling

Gateau Opera: more than an ounce of patience is required to make it

Making the classic almond, coffee and chocolate layer cake takes careful planning – but it’s worth the effort

Gâteau Opéra

The perfect thank you cake

There is nothing like a cake to say thank you, so why not bake this cake this Mother’s Day for whoever you are lucky enough to be (...)

Coconut cake

The countdown is on, but these recipes are perfect for the final few days before Christmas

Last-minute orange sultana cake

Christmas pudding custard pie

Mincemeat and almond shortbread

These seasonal treats include a very grown-up cake and trifle, and an easy frozen chocolate log

Frozen white chocolate mousse log

These delicious gifts are easy to make and always welcome – just make sure you hide them well

Cookie dough

Ranginak (Lebanese date squares)

Christmas mendiants

Toffee and almond brittle

Scottish shortbread
  • Recipes
  • September 13, 2014, 01:00

Shortbread is a universally popular biscuit, buttery and delicious

Blackcurrant jelly

There is nothing nicer than garden fruit transformed into jam, but it’s best made in small batches

Raspberry jam

Strawberry jam

Easter cake

Triple layers of fluffy sponge and a Swiss meringue butter cream filling flavoured with passion fruit and decorated with eggs and (...)

Birthday beauties

Here are two great birthday or celebration cakes – a show-stopping chocolate and raspberry mousse cake and a Baked Alaska that chi(...)

Following last night's Baked Alaska fiasco on the Great British Bake Off, it's time to revisit this classic dessert. Eunice Power'(...)

 Rhubarb bellinis. Photograph: Shane O’Neill
Eunice Power’s rhubarb bellinis

Woodland ceremonies are also an emerging trend, with long wedding veils, flowing dresses, twinkling fairy lights and the crunch of twigs underfoot.

What’s big in the world of weddings? Caterer Eunice Power has the inside track on current trends

Harness the healing qualities of ginger – both ground and fresh – for this zingy cake

Dessert to go nuts for

Here’s a luscious Morello cherry and mascarpone cream dessert you can whip up for a crowd

Choux snowmen

These happy chappy snowmen are easy to make and will bring a smile to your face – before they’re devoured

Chocolate fudge cake

Orange and almond Christmas cake

Alternative Christmas cake

If you don’t want a traditional Christmas cake, or you left it too late to make one, here are two alternatives

Date swirls

Salted caramel pecans

Christmas granola

Christmas gingerbread biscuits

Edible gifts to share with friends and family

Winter fruit salad

Doughnuts, mince pies with an almond twist, lemon curd pots, winter fruit salad and chocolate salami

Chocolate salami

Little mincemeat and almond tarts

Bake French

This meringue gâteau is sandwiched with salted caramel butter cream and chocolate ganache


It takes a lot of work, but Croquembouche - a traditional French cake - is well worth the effort.

The secret to a successful wedding is to have a clear idea of what you want and the right people in place to make it happen. Weddi(...)

Battenberg cake

Enjoy a slice of delicious Battenburg cake with a well earned cup of tea.

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