Chimac: There’s a saucy new chick on the block in Dublin city

This Aungier Street restaurant serves addictively delicious free-range chicken

Maybe it’s the Crackbird effect. Who knew there was such a pent-up demand for chicken? Perhaps the flock of magpies left the last shiny new place for dead and piled in here. Chimac has just opened its door and the pale wood tables are crammed, with more hopeful customers forming short queues to get their name on a list and await their turn. 

Joe Macken spotted a niche in Dublin’s restaurant scene for “addictive chicken” eight years ago and opened Crackbird, with a masterclass in the then seemingly benign power of social media to reach diners. (Anyone remember Tweetseats?) After Crackbird’s sad closure late last year, Bunsen has been flying the flag for a nimble Irish operation that put the spark into city centre fast food. But there’s a new chick on the block and it’s a good one. 

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