Upcycling to the rescue

Mamukko’s luxury bags are made from salvaged sailcloth

Founded by Hungarian brothers Attila and Levente Magyar, Cork-based, family-run brand Mamukko produces luxury bags “upcycled” from salvaged sailcloth. The heritage of the Magyar family is in leather craftsmanship; the brothers are proud to carry on this four-generation design legacy – with an eco-conscious twist.

Each product is handmade in their Kinsale studio entirely from rescued materials, the antithesis of mass-produced, disposable fashion.

Due to the nature of the materials Mamukko use for their bags, each series are limited editions or one-off originals. Each Mamukko bag is slightly different, carrying with it the story of the material from which it was created. Astrid tallship Mamukko has just launched its latest collection to mark one year since the Astrid tallship ran aground near Oysterhaven, east of Kinsale harbour. Thanks to the efforts of the RNLI and the coastguard, all 30 of those onboard were saved.

The brothers salvaged the sails of the Astrid last summer, creating from the rescued sailcloth a collection of unique bags. Now, after an arduous reconstruction process, they have created a particularly exclusive range of just 65 bags from the reconstructed life raft materials of the Astrid. Mamukko has donated to the RNLI one of its limited edition duffel bags, one of only 25 made.


These bags have literally been to the bottom of the sea and back, yet as creative director Levente notes, “We only ever upcycle high quality materials that are made to last and these bags are proof of this.”

The Astrid bags are not only durable, but also stylish and creatively designed. The Astrid life raft bags come in four different styles: the duffel bag, messenger bag, gear bag and belt bag.

Every bag features the original Astrid logo plus a unique serial number, so each product is irreducibly one of a kind. Creation of one-off pieces from salvaged materials is painstaking, as managing director Attila expresses: “Upcycling to such a high level is an art in itself, and combining this with our leather craft tradition stretching back four generations ensures that buyers are investing in a one-off piece which has been made to last.”

This eco-conscious recycling materials is slowly catching on, as more people become concerned about sustainability and the degree of waste our obsession with disposable fashion has resulted in. One-of-a-kind designs Levente adds, “Upcycling is relatively new in Ireland but it is something that is really being embraced by people of all ages who appreciate quality and unique one-of-a-kind designs.” Mamukko’s manifesto appears to focus equally on ethical production and cutting-edge design. They produce carbon and guilt-neutral products, but also stylish statement pieces which transcend the notion of throw-away fashion. “We don’t follow trends, we set them. All Mamukko bags carry a story, and these Astrid bags combine the rich past of the beautiful tall ship with new fabrics which will be enjoyed for decades...”

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