Shape up your skincare


You might think that the plethora of new products landing on the beauty desk is the ultimate perk of the job, but what excites your favourite beauty corespondent most is the chance to meet the elite of the skincare and make-up world. Bobbi Brown (refreshingly down to earth), Tom Ford (charm itself), and most recently, Joanna Czech.

What do you mean, you’ve never heard of her? She’s only the go-to facialist the A-listers have on speed dial. Anna Wintour, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett are all devotees of her techniques.

Now Joanna has teamed up with Crème de la Mer, to devise a massage technique for its new lifting contour serum, which promises to sculpt, tighten and rejuvenate your face.

The aim here is to target problem areas such as sagging jawlines – hurrah – and La Mer is leading the way with this gel serum, which instantly tightens the skin’s surface and, it says, trains it to maintain more lifted appearance by strengthening its elastin network.

To complement the serum, Czech’s deep massage technique helps deliver the product deeper into the skin, stimulating blood flow and circulation. “If you do it regularly, skin will appear tighter and healthier. I’ve been very consistent with this approach for 30 years, and I think the concept will be embraced right now because it makes you appear younger without looking ‘fake’.”

This is no fly-by-night hook up – Czech has been using the range herself for the past 18 years. “I’m a believer in the science behind the fermented kelp found in all of its products, and I find the scent so comforting and calming.” She mixes a smidge of the moisturising cream with her foundation for glowing skin. “Matte skin may be a popular trend, but it’s not flattering. A dehydrated surface reveals every flake and flaw, while dewy skin reflects light and blurs imperfections.”

Her philosophy on aging? “Take care of your skin so that you feel and look nourished. The best skin compliment you can receive is that you look well rested. I believe that fine lines tell a story.”

Innovation doesn’t come cheap however, the serum will set you back €275, but you can learn Czech’s massage technique and experience the product from January 20th at the Beauty Rooms, Brown Thomas Dublin. The €60 booking fee is redeemable against product on the day of treatment.