Carpe Diem, okay? Fashion lessons from ‘Clueless’

The film is now 20 years old but its advice is timeless

Mean Girls may have taught us to only wear pink on Wednesdays and given us a new meaning for “fetch”, but it has nothing on Clueless. On Sunday it will be 20 years since Clueless was first released but it remains a film with a strong cultural identity. In fact, it’s possibly the best fashion film like, ever. It introduced “Whatever!” and “As if!” to a generation but, more than that, Cher Horowitz and her pals taught us some long-lasting fashion lessons we still rely on today. Take note.

You won’t go wrong if your outfit is right “Where is my white collarless shirt by Fred Segal? It’s my most capable-looking outfit!” wails Alicia Silverstone’s Cher when she finds out her shirt is in the dry-cleaners on the day of her driving test. We can’t know there’s a correlation but without the shirt, Cher didn’t get her licence. We’re just saying.

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