Focussing on eye perfectors

Ahead of the autumn colour collections the beauty world focuses on eye perfectors. Here are three of the best from the latest crop.


Brows beaten

Speaking as somewhat of a brow obsessive/expert I’m always on the lookout for that perfect product – the one that will give me the brows I had in my youth. Looking at my daughter’s Cara Delevingne-like over-eye perfections is a constant reminder of the cruelty of age. Add to that the unwelcome sprouting of coarse wayward hairs shooting up Einstein-like with a will of their own, I’m sure you get the picture.

I’m only admitting all this because, thankfully, it’s all in the past tense. Armani’s latest offering in its groundbreaking fusion range is Eye and Brow Maestro, and it’s a real game changer. Why? Well, not only does it provide you with the most natural-looking full-on brows, the multi-use formula is designed to colour skin as well as hair so you can transform those thin slivers into majestic face framers (be careful, it’s so good it’s easy to get carried away). And yes, before you ask, it can be used as an eyeshadow and liner too! Multi-tasking and matching! Enlisting the expertise of makeup artist extraordinaire Linda Cantello, whose wish list was for a product “that does all, would be fast and faultless when applied, long lasting and fault proof.” I think they heard you Linda. Armani Eye and Brow Maestro, €31.



Linda Cantello’s applicaton tips:

l Choose one shade darker than natural brow colour.

l Wear any shade alone as an eye shadow, singly or blend a few for a different effect.

l As an eyeliner, choose a darker shade, applied in a very thin line close to the lash roots.

l It can be used to touch up hair roots or add playful streaks in hair. Men can use it too!


Ahead of the curve

Isn’t this the most glamorous-looking mascara? A rose set in a transparent lid and a graceful swan wand is the first indication that there’s something different is going on here. Professional make up artists often bend a mascara brush to make application easier – its an old trick which Lancôme has employed in the new Grandiose mascara. The curved neck allows the brush to reach even those inner fine lashes, coating them easily with no unwanted smudges, and the curling formula lifts lashes and lasts – no eyelash curler required! Lancôme Grandiose Mascara, €30


Drawing the line

If you thought you’d never master eyeliner , you really must try Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner, €25. The rubberised angled tip actually hugs the lashline, dispensing colour as you move along – easy peasy. The inky black matte finish is completely budge-proof once dry. Thankfully the range also includes a remover, €19.50.