Beauty tips: Period products delivered to your door

Irish company My Lady Bug delivers a combination of tampons, pads and treats to your door each month so you are never caught short

Two products have crept up on me and made themselves indispensable. They are both Irish, but apart from that they couldn’t be more different.

My Lady Bug is Ireland's first monthly "period subscription service". It was set up by 26-year-old Maryrose Simpson, who is based in Portlaoise. This is the type of service you realise you need when you find yourself rummaging around the bottoms of your handbags trying to find the necessary when your period arrives. You can choose a combination of tampons, pads and natural cotton products to arrive at your door each month so you never find yourself caught out. Each box (one of them is shown below) also comes with treats such as chocolate or speciality teas to make that time of month easier.

You might think your regular tanning mitt is perfectly fine, but once you have tried Glove Your Body you will never look back. This multipurpose mitt, which was designed and developed by Dublin-based Valerie Brown, can be used in a variety of ways – back to front, inside out – and it has slots for your fingers so it doesn't slip as you are bronzing up. It is thick, durable and can be machine-washed, so although it might be more expensive than a regular tanning mitt, it will last much longer.