Dolly mixture


FASHIONDon't hold back on the accessories! It's one way to get the high fashion look at a low-down price, writes Deirdre McQuillan 

TIMES ARE CHANGING. Modern takes on glamour are about deceiving the eye while preserving the purse, demanding all the imaginative skills of today's artful recessionistas. In short, getting the high-fashion look at a low-down price.

Stylist Angela Scanlon shows how it's done, mixing high-street with high-end, and layering accordingly. She wanted to contrast hardy, rugged textures with frivolous frippery, such as pearls and feathers, to create a semblance of luxury and opulence, "by going a little bit over the top in these credit-crunch days", she says. "Sometimes we just want to escape into that fantasy world and all the trappings that go with it."

Our models, with their doll-like, little-girl-lost expressions, and dressed in feathers and sequins, silk and cashmere, capture that quirky sense of bohemian femininity that makes glamour not just about what you wear, but how you wear it. Time to pretend things are better than they are in every sense, so dress up for the festive season accordingly.

Photographer: Lili Forberg

Assisted by: Pipa Quinlan

Models: Alex H at 1st Option and Hannah Louise

Styling: Angela Scanlon

Hair: Aimee Murphy

Make-up: Lara Ford