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Tuesday’s Top Stories: Thomas and Molly Martens to remain in jail until ‘mid-2024′, Land agency may get up to €3bn in funds for new homes

Here are the most important stories you need to start your day, including early diagnosis credited for near-total survival from some cancers after five years

Molly and Thomas Martens to remain in jail until ‘mid-2024′ as US prison authorities change stance

Molly Martens and her father Thomas Martens look set to remain in prison in relation to the killing of Limerick man Jason Corbett, it emerged on Monday night - just hours after it was announced they would be released this week.

The department of corrections in North Carolina had said on Monday that the two were to be freed this week and would be placed on a 12-month supervised probationary programme.

However, late on Monday it said that it was unlikely that Martens and her father would be released on Tuesday and Wednesday as envisaged earlier in the day. They may now remain in prison until towards the middle of 2024.

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