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Your top stories on Monday: Income loss would put almost half off united Ireland; New ‘virtual ward’ programme for patients

LE Eithne ship to be sent abroad and taken apart for scrap; More than a quarter of jobs in Ireland ‘poor’

United Ireland: Loss of income would put almost half of voters off

The economic effects of a united Ireland on voters’ personal finances would have a crucial impact on their choice in any future referendums, according to the latest research.

Almost half of all voters in Northern Ireland who expressed a preference – 43 per cent of the total – said they would be less likely to vote for a united Ireland if it meant they would be £3,500 a year worse off.

Almost as many – this figure includes 23 per cent of voters from a Protestant background and a third (33 per cent) of voters who describe themselves as neither Catholic nor Protestant – 38 per cent of voters in Northern Ireland said they would be more likely to vote for a united Ireland if it meant they would be £3,500 better off.


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