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Monday’s Top Stories: Influence of far right on social media in Ireland growing, Israel claims Hamas tunnel found at al-Shifa hospital

Here are the most important stories you need to start your day, including Conor Pope on Black Friday and cost-of-living lump sum payments to start this week

Influence of far right on social media in Ireland has grown since pandemic, says report

The influence of the far right in Ireland is growing as tech companies, particularly X – formerly known as Twitter – fail to enforce their own guidelines against misinformation and hate speech, according to a new wide-ranging study of Irish online communities.

Researchers from the Institute of Strategic Dialogue (ISD) analysed 13 million posts from 1,640 accounts over the past three years and found misinformation is growing across all platforms, having originally coalesced around the Covid-19 pandemic.

The study, which was funded by the European Media and Information Fund, examined the spread of disinformation (information shared with the specific purpose of deception) and misinformation (information spread regardless of an attempt to mislead) by far right and conspiratorial figures in Ireland.

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  • Conor Pope on Black Friday: Yes there are bargains, but don’t be fooled: Happy Black Friday Month everyone. Yes, we have reached the stage in our consuming evolution where an artificial sales window largely invented by a large British retail chain to encourage customers to gather in its shops to fight over cheap tellies for one day only, is now open for weeks before and after the big day.

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  • Ken Early: Do Irish players have the humility and ambition to improve?: As the final whistle blew in Amsterdam, Virgil van Dijk raised his face to the sky and pumped his arms with joy and apparent relief. In the circumstances, his emotional reaction was a surprise. There had not been much suspense about the result or the fact that the Netherlands would definitely be going to the Euros.

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