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Your Morning Briefing: Ireland braces for Storm Agnes, Naval Service seizes fleeing drugs cargo ship

Up to 100 fans faced ‘difficulties’ getting into Ireland v South Africa, dropouts from Irish colleges rise, and Donald Trump found liable for fraud

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Naval Service fired twice as ship carrying drugs tried to flee

Gardaí believe a bulk carrier that Army Ranger Wing members were winched on to in stormy conditions on Tuesday is carrying cocaine worth at least tens of millions of euros.

A number of sources told The Irish Times it was possible the haul was worth well in excess of €100 million, though that would only become clear when the boat was properly searched in Cobh, Co Cork on Wednesday.

The large vessel – the Panamanian-registered MV Matthew – was attempting to flee when the Naval Service’s LÉ William Butler Yeats and Air Corps helicopters closed in on it off the Co Cork coast on Tuesday.

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  • How Ireland’s lack of naval patrols attracts drug smugglers: Ireland is increasingly viewed as a backdoor smuggling route for drug traffickers looking to tap into the European market. The Garda and Defence Forces surveillance operation put in place to track the Castlemore trawler and a much bigger container vessel off the Irish coast in recent days represents just the latest chapter in the international battle against drug smuggling, writes Conor Lally.

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  • Dublin City Council is the only thing standing in the way of a beautiful capital: There has been a lot of commentary in these pages and elsewhere in relation to urban dereliction in Dublin, and the piecemeal and inadequate response to the consequences. To put one matter out of the way immediately, there is no – absolutely no – constitutional issue based on a property rights argument in tackling dereliction, underutilisation, or inordinate delay in the case of urban land, writes Michael McDowell.

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Overreaction to far-right provocations


Sir, – Is it not amazing how semantics can charge the whole meaning of a protest? Those whose protests are for alleged liberal ideals such as Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion, or whatever, are seen as warriors yet those who may be for maintaining conservative ideals are seen as far-right extremists who must therefore be dealt with. We do not call those we support extremists, even though their actions such as blocking roads, throwing dye or defacing buildings are extreme in their execution. Both take sides that the other is against yet we choose to name-call those that we do not like. – Yours, etc,

JOHN BERGIN, Oxton, Wirral, UK.

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  • We Need to Talk: At the height of the early lockdowns, Dr Tony Holohan’s stature was such that murals were painted in his honour. In his new memoir, he doesn’t shy away from saying when he felt let down by others.

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