John Wilson: Two very good, well-priced wines from Lidl’s new autumn line-up

Wines for the Weekend: One of the best dry Rieslings I’ve tried recently, from Germany, and a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva, from Italy

This week Lidl began the six-week process of introducing its new autumn wines. The range includes some very good, well-priced bottles. I will keep you updated on the remaining wines as they appear on the shelves.

Today’s pair cost €11.99 each. I have featured several dry Rieslings recently, including one from Dunnes Stores (the Schiefer Steillage, Kendermann, €11) and one from SuperValu (Albert Glas, €10 on promotion, down from €14.99). But this Riesling from Lidl is possibly the best of all — it’s a real cracker that should win over anyone who has lingering doubts about German Riesling.

Deidesheimer Riesling Edition Trocken 2021, Pfalz, €11.99

Crisp and fresh, with plenty of racy green apple fruits and lively lemon zest. A crowd-pleasing Riesling that offers fantastic value for money. Drink it solo or with Asian crab and prawn dishes — Thai crab cakes sound perfect.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva 2018, €11.99

Soft ripe dark cherry and plum fruits overlaid with vanilla and cocoa. There are some drying tannins on the finish, so this would be best with food. It would go nicely with richer pasta dishes and pizza.