Profile: Imelda Munster (SF)

Louth: Third TD elected of five


Imelda Munster entered politics in 2004, taking a seat on Louth County Council. Re-elected in 2009, she is chair of Co Louth’s housing strategic policy committee and has a seat on Drogheda Borough Council. A member of Sinn Féin for 28 years, she is a self-described advocate for social justice and equality, campaigning for local services. Ms Munster has also campaigned for health services. In 2013 she was vocal on the suspension of a chronic pain clinic at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, noting the hospital catered to a population of 300,000. While Drogheda had held onto the facility, she asked “what’s the point in having a hospital in name only”, when they had lost other vital local services. Ms Munster is married with two daughters and lives in Drogheda.