Who we’ll be watching


OXEGEN 2009: Snow Patrol’s hot tips

Lily Allen

Love her new record. Still the same barbed tongue but the music seems different

Republic of Loose

One of the best Irish live bands and the most fun you can have in the mud

2 Many DJs

Utterly nuts round-holesquare-peg mixing that shouldn’t work but does, with a joy and gusto unfamiliar with many a po-faced vinyl worrier


Like being gently caressed in a sonic bosom for long periods before being smashed to wonderful pieces by Thor’s hammer in a godlike instant


Teen Angstis one the best electronic pop songs ever

David Holmes

Back and better than ever

Patrick Wolf

A multitalented troubadour of such skill as to leave you breathless. Essential. Tip of the weekend for me

TV On The Radio

Astounding, irreverent and ferocious. For Christ’s sake see them

Annie Mac

Brilliant DJ with immaculate taste


Finally, on album four, Elbow have had the year they have deserved since album one. Always critically acclaimed, now equally loved by millions around the world. The perfect festival band. A band to make life better in every way


Sexy music I could never even begin to try to make. Heartbreaker the best pop song of the year so far I think

Hudson Mohawke

Digital lunacy that sends your brain all wrong. What more do want?

The Maccabees

They have an army of devoted fans that sing every word as if their lives depended on it. It is a thrilling thing to see live

Howling Bells

Brilliant Aussie masters of dark sprawling pop.

Passion Pit

Love the new record and can’t wait to see them live

Friendly Fires

I adore this band. Great moves live too. There’ll be asses a-shaking, make no mistake

Crystal Castles

Love the record but never seen them live so I’d want to be there