Weekly Movie Quiz


Test your knowledge of the silver screen with DONALD CLARKE's weekly quiz.


1.Whose autobiography is titled I Am Not Spock?

2.Butch is to Paul as Sundance is to whom?

3.Which recent hit is known in its own country as Das Leben der Anderen?

4. Traffic, In the Loop, State of Playand (coming your way shortly) Edge of Darknesswere all derived from what?

5.The hero of which Sidney Lumet classic is listed simply as "Juror No 8" in the cast list?

6.Grounds for divorce. Euphemism for lotharios. A quote from WB Yeats. Security advice for the recipient. (In that order) The last four what?

7.Which is the odd one out: Othello, Falstaff, Josef K, Harry Lime, Cardinal Wolsey?

8. Jai Ho, I Need to Wake Up, Lose Yourself, Into the Westand Things Have Changedhave all done what in the past 10 years?

9.John Gavin, Viggo Mortensen, Donald Pleasence, Malcolm McDowell. Who?

10. D'entre les morts, Murder From a Fixed Viewpoint, The Secret Agentand Before the Factall became what?


1.Leonard Nimoy. (He also wrote one titled I am Spock.)

2.Robert (Redford).

3. The Lives of Others.

4.British TV series.

5.Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men.

6.Coen Brothers films. The question refers to Intolerable Cruelty, The

Ladykillers, No Country for Old Menand Burn After Reading.

7.Josef K. All the rest were played on film by Orson Welles. (Though Welles did direct Anthony Perkins as K in The Trial.)

8.Won the Academy Award for best song.

9.Sam Loomis. Gavin and Mortensen played a character of that name in the two versions of Psycho. Pleasence and McDowell played a character called Sam Loomis in the two versions of Halloween.

10.Alfred Hitchcock films. These novels and stories became Vertigo, Rear Window, Sabotageand Suspicion.