Late Debate: Katie Hannon, Fionnuala Sweeney and Sarah McInerney are the new hosts of the RTÉ Radio 1 show

‘Late Debate’ takes a new direction; Joe Duffy hears painful stories of callous bureaucracy

Sabastian Barry. “The public role of a writer is always going to seem infinitely more relaxed than the public role of almost anything else.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The new Laureate for Irish Fiction on his predecessor, Anne Enright; his neuroses as a young writer; and the book that drove him t(...)

Nigel Farage’s appearance is something of let-down, at least for anyone expecting him to live down to his caricature as a blinkered, prejudiced little Englander. Photograph: Bryan Meade

Kenny decries the “hypocrisy” of Nigel Farage taking a European Parliament salary

'Where Ray D’Arcy once would mix folksy manner with prickly editorialising when holding court on his Today FM morning show, he has long sounded more constrained on  RTÉ Radio 1.' Photograph: Patrick Bolger/RTÉ

Radio Review: The former Today FM host sounds jaded on RTÉ Radio 1

Ryan Tubridy:  on the dangers of social media to young people, he would have been better taking a more grown-up approach.  Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: The presenter’s discussion on internet safety stokes deep parental fears

Dolores O’Riordan: described on Morning Ireland as “the lead singer of The Cranberries and mother of three children” as if motherhood conferred a value on her that might be lacking if she was merely a world-famous singer. Photograph: Jose Sena Goulao/EPA

Radio Review: Today FM deftly covers both events, but reminds us that old attitudes linger

‘Liveline’ host Joe Duffy is upset, but surely part of the frustration is that he knows his outrage is futile in the face of statutory processes. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Liveline host alarmed by crime experiences, while Kingsmill exercises Sean O’Rourke

George Hook’s show was less sit-in than nod-off. Photograph: The Irish Times

Controversial broadcaster’s underwhelming Newstalk comeback takes aim at familiar targets

Brenda Donohue encountered the perils of the post-Christmas slump as guest host of the Ray D’Arcy Show

Radio review: Seán Moncrieff’s choice of subjects is as esoteric as ever

Christmas came early for Ryan Tubridy  when the RTÉ presenter got to talk to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the fictional presidential TV drama The West Wing. Photograph:  Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

Gleeson reminds book lovers what they’ll be missing when she departs the airwaves

Miriam O’Callaghan: found the unique Shane MacGowan a difficult man to pin down when the former Pogues singer turned up on Sunday With Miriam.

His reticence is revealing in O’Callaghan’s most entertaining interview in a long time

Ivan Yates: once Northerners 'get out of their time warp they’re welcome to join a united Ireland'. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

They are ‘caught in a time warp between the Tricolour and Union Jack’, says the Newstalk host

Irish actor Gabriel Byrne at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. Photograph:  Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images

The actor also alleged production was halted on ‘The Usual Suspects’ over Kevin Spacey’s behaviour

Social Democrat TD Róisín Shortall says the real issue is a “dysfunctional” Garda Síochána, a problem at “the heart of democracy”. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Radio Review: Both O’Rourke and Cormac Ó hEadhra find politics difficult to stomach

Vincent Browne: his  interview on the Ray D’Arcy Show is a curious mix of fatalism, insight and curmudgeonly caricature, but never less than enjoyable

Vincent grumbles to Ray, while Muireann O’Connell is the new safe pair of hands in Al Porter's former Today FM slot

Pat Kenny: Reckons the young people of today have it too easy at home

Radio review: The Newstalk presenter reveals a novel view on property problems

Saved by the belligerent: Fionn Davenport’s  arid discussion of the Russian revolution on Inside Culture (RTÉ Radio 1, Monday) was enlivened by anti-communist firebrand Peter Hitchens.

Radio Review: After a slow start, the RTÉ presenter offers a vivid portrait of the Soviet Union

Actor Cillian Murphy: he ends up talking about himself quite a bit , from his youthful musical endeavours and early breaks to the demands of his profession and his best known roles

RADIO REVIEW: RTÉ host hears a folksy defence of the US president, while a once-controversial guest sounds conciliatory with Miria(...)

Ciara Kelly of Newstalk: in her first week Kelly has already left her searing stamp on her lunchtime slot

The GP turned broadcaster makes George Hook’s Newstalk slot her own

Sean O’Rourke sounds almost jaunty with a real story on his hands

Storm Ophelia brings out the best from radio’s presenters, as each show gives us their own take on Monday’s hurricane

Minister for Finance  Paschal Donohoe in an RTÉ studio. He faced tricky question from listeners of Today with Sean O’Rourke. Photograph:   Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Donohoe gives off the smug air that has marked many a ministerial radio appearance since Leo Varadkar became Taoiseach

Tressa (Seana Kerslake) with  Matt (Ryan Donaldson) and Scober MacAdam (Sean McGinley) in King of the Castle. Photograph: Robbie Jack

Druid’s production picks away at the tensions of rural life with a savage eye

Mary Wilson:  knows when to hold back and let her guest carry on

Radio review: The Las Vegas reports are radio that you wish you didn’t have to hear, but that’s hard to forget

Dr Ciara Kelly

Ciara Kelly is an assured on-air presence, a GP whose radio career is blossoming

The  mantras of the homeless desperately asking for money act as a  kind of Greek chorus. Photograph:  Aoife Herrity

A sprawling devised drama from Dublin Youth Theatre uses a large cast and vivid vignettes to illustrate timeless themes

Farmers from Bunclody on the third and final day of the National Ploughing Championships. Photograph: Alan Betson

The gruff interrogator seems to enjoy the Ploughing Championships but it doesn’t really suit him

Friday Night  Effect

Two plays that are tricky and smart in very different ways

The latest reviews including Birdy, Everything Now, Kicking All The Boxes, Raven Eyed and MDLSX

George Hook: his vow of on-air omertà has also apparently been taken by his colleagues. Photograph: Alan Betson

Radio review: A listener who missed the apology might not even know of the controversy

 Ivan Yates has had more comebacks than Sinatra.  Photograph: Cyril Byrne

‘Straight-talking’ Yates helms Newstalk's early-evening The Hard Shoulder. It's a misnomer

 Newstalk’s Pat Kenny. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Radio Review: Ray D’Arcy gets emotional about HPV vaccine. Kenny defends accidental landlords

Don’t knock it: MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Photograph: John Locher/AP

Radio review: Tubridy's not bothered about projecting a mainstream image while on 2FM Conor McGregor’s friends and foes get in the(...)

“Do people still say ‘groovy’?”: Al Porter admits it’s an odd question from someone who’s only 24. Photograph: Twitter

Radio: Today FM’s star host fails to deliver, but Sean Moncrieff thrives

Bibi Baskin: The only problem with her appearance on RTÉ's Ray D’Arcy Show is that she’s not getting paid for it

Ray D’Arcy’s interview with former broadcaster shows what Irish radio is missing

Michael O’Leary of Ryanair: the Hamlet of mock indignation. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Radio review: Ryanair boss hogs the airwaves but meets his match in Sean O’Rourke

Alcohol limts: debate underlines our complicated relationship with drink

Drink driving coverage is illuminating and spirit-crushingly tedious

Pj Gallagher

Review: His wacky voices can be exhausting, but he can also be gut-bustingly funny

Pat Hickey at the men’s lightweight double sculls final at the Olympics in Rio. Photograph:  James Crombie/Inpho

Radio Review: It's was less Rumble in the Jungle and more Cakewalk on Newstalk

  Ryan Tubridy usually isn’t one to get flustered

Radio Review: The RTÉ host’s interview with Orla Brady turns cringeworthy

Richard Dawkins: a big fan of the son, if not the father. Photograph: Alan Betson

George Hook, decrying the erosion of civility, fails to practise what he preaches

Out to grass: Canadian lawn mower Theunis Wessels (above) proves a a tough interviewee for Ray D’Arcy.

Radio Review: Pointless conversations are not the wished-for antidote to horrific news

In his Nobel lecture, delivered by audio link, Bob Dylan says that songs are ‘unlike literature’. Photograph:  Lester Cohen/WireImage

In a gnarled voice, the ever-defiant songwriter explains his music and lyrics

Jennifer Zamparelli, Keith Walsh and Bernard O’Shea from Breakfast Republic on 2FM. Photograph: RTÉ

2FM's morning show is a joyless exercise, but the station has more appealing presenters waiting in the wings

Ellen Frey McCourt: “Right after Frank died, I found it difficult, because everyone wanted to celebrate him. So one could never really get away from it.”

Ellen Frey McCourt on the musical version of her late husband’s harrowing childhood memoir

'Seán Moncrieff reminded his audience that, as well as being a wry chronicler of contemporary foibles, he can handle hard news topics.' Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Radio review: RTÉ and Newstalk reports get across the full horror without histrionics

Philip Boucher Hayes shows his rational side when he stands in as host of ‘Liveline’.

Radio review: Liveline’s apparitions and Healy-Rae’s Last Word on road safety

On Wednesday, Pat Kenny discusses teenage sex in occasionally alarming detail. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Radio review: Newstalk host airs pet peeves, while Miriam hears of liaisons in Luggala

Jenny Greene and Nicky Byrne hosts of 2FM’s ‘The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene’

Radio review: 2FM duo stick to cheeky banter and Second Captains tog out for RTÉ’s first team

Down with this sort of thing: Graham Linehan addresses the  Parents for Choice protest against the Government decision to hand over the new National Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity religious order.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Radio review: ‘Father Ted’ writer Graham Linehan, talking to Newstalk’s Sean Moncrieff, is clear on his opposition to the nuns own(...)

Joe Duffy: Liveline broadcast a retro-themed special for RTÉ’s Cruinnú na Cásca cultural festival

Radio Review: The RTÉ presenter gets fully into character for an Easter special, before showing his strengths on more familiar gro(...)

George Hook

Radio review: But novelist Howard Jacobson celebrates education with Matt Cooper

Ivan Yates: without a cohost, his outrage seems staged and his sense of humour loses its sparkle. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Newstalk adds more middle-aged male voices to its roster in the form of Yates and Bobby Kerr, but the formula is wearing thin

Tetchy team-mates: Paul Williams and Shane Coleman

Radio Review: The hosts bring real needle to their Odd Couple routine over cyclist issue

 Deputies  Clare Daly and Mick Wallace: Pat Kenny  discussed the topic of sartorial standards for TDs  at length with Solidarity-People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett and PR guru Terry Prone.  Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Radio Review: Ray D’Arcy shows the odd flash of prickly pedigree in a show that is sleepwalking through the schedules

Ryan Tubridy takes a swipe at eggheads with ideas of fancy learning. Photograph: Kinlan Photography

Radio review: He scorns political correctness like a grumpy old man, but in one respect he is still young at heart

Sean Moncrieff: runs out of patience with Bill Donohue’s declaration that “there’s no such thing as a mass grave” at the Tuam mother and baby home

Radio Review: Newstalk host takes Catholic Leaguer Bill Donohue to task over claim of baby mass grave ‘myth’ and ‘hoax’

Moby interviewed by Donal Scannell on Born Optimistic (RTÉ Radio 1 Extra, Monday).

Moving tale of quiet desperation on ‘Liveline’, while Moby is an antidote to gloom on digital

Newstalk Drive: if the intensity of Sarah McInerney’s irritation is surprising, it’s also entertaining – a fact not lost on her cohost, Chris Donoghue, who gleefully goads her

The radio presenter is never less than lively – especially when she takes a swipe at Pat Kenny

Al Porter: jokes about his annoyance when taxi drivers don’t recognise him but sounds delighted chatting to a Glasnevin chipper about speed-dating in her shop. Photograph: Brian Mcevoy

Radio review: Porter’s show sounds footloose and carefree. By comparison, Matt Cooper seems out of touch

Faced with this catalogue of hate crimes, it’s a wonder that any of the Galway Gaeilgeoirs who moved to Co Meath in the 1930s stayed there

Newstalk’s absorbing documentary recounts the rivalry of ‘planters’ from Connemara

Dermot and Dave: the appeal of their show depends on one’s appetite for  incessant slagging and a refusal to take anything too seriously

The Today FM duo's incessant banter is still tiresome despite their new slot

Scotsman David Milne: The Aberdeenshire homeowner has been standing up to the Trump organisation for some years now. Photograph: Michal Wachucik/AFP/Getty Images

Moncrieff is back to his offbeat best while Joe Duffy glumly hears tales of rural desperation

Cormac Ó hEadhra from Late Debate, RTÉ R1.

Former taoiseach says EU Brexit discussions won’t linger on ‘who threw the bottle out of the pram’

Ryan Tubridy: says he belongs to “a generation in transition” who are trying to get their heads around unfamiliar notions such as gender fluidity. Photograph: Kinlan Photography

Radio review: Northern Ireland and 'cosseted millennials' let the broadcasters show their true feelings

“Leonard Cohen: His Part in My Victory”: Joe Jackson interviews the great man. Photograph: RTÉ

The A&E trolley crisis has a wearily familiar sound. A bit like Joe Jackson’s Leonard Cohen tapes

George Michael in 2012 – remembered in Final Partings (RTÉ Radio 1, Friday) Photograph: David Wolff, Getty Images

Jim Lockhart hosts a grim chart countdown of the great musicians who died in 2016

Newstalk presenters: seated from left, Alan Quinlan, Colette Fitzpatrick , Sarah McInerney and Paul Williams; standing from left, Vincent Wall, Seán Moncrieff, George Hook, Shane Coleman, Pat Kenny and Chris Donoghue. Photograph: Maxwell’s

In a year when the commercial talk station turned angry and the national broadcaster stayed still, the music radio sector provided(...)

Simon Coveney TD and Minister of State for Housing and Urban Renewal Damien English. Coveney cut a slightly forlorn figure when grilled by Matt Cooper on the technicalities of the rental market.  Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

Minister for Housing’s reminder of humanitarian acts sounds calculated on Last Word

Today FM presenter Alison Curtis: her interview with actor Patrick Bergin is pleasant but nondescript

The Today FM presenter is only slightly bland as she takes over from Anton Savage

RTÉ presenter Ryan Tubridy: given how his week has started, he can perhaps be excused for his curmudgeonly mood

Radio Review: RTÉ presenter is shaken by a terrifying tale of child sex abuse

Katie Hopkins: Pat Kenny’s guest has described migrants as cockroaches. Photograph: Ian Forsyth/Getty

Radio Review: ‘Liveline’, ‘The Pat Kenny Show’, ‘The Niall Boylan Show’

Ireland beat the All-Blacks: rugby triumphs provide cold comfort as RTÉ presenters discuss the Trump economy. Photograph: Dan Sheridan/Inpho

Radio Review: ‘Morning Ireland’, ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’, ‘Documentary on One: Sin-é – Jeff Buckley’s Irish Odyssey’, ‘The Ray (...)

Donald Trump: gave a surprisingly gracious victory speech. Photograph: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

Radio review: ‘High Noon’, ‘Morning Ireland’, ‘The Pat Kenny Show’, ‘Marty in the Morning’

Today FM’s Anton Savage

Today FM’s morning presenter takes a surprisingly tough line with a GAA star’s gambling addiction, while Cormac Ó hEadhra’s scorn (...)

 Newstalk  hosts: Shane Coleman, Colette Fitzpatrick, Paul Williams and  Alan Quinlan. Photograph:  Maxwell’s

Radio Review: ‘Newstalk Breakfast’, ‘Newstalk Drive’ and ‘Liveline’

Peter Hook: The New Order bassist was challenged by Tom Dunne about including highly personal details about his marriage in recent memoirs. Photgraph: Lorne Thomson/Redferns

Radio Review: Ryan Tubridy, incensed by what he hears, and Tom Dunne, as Peter Hook talks about Caroline Aherne, handle the topic (...)

Paschal Donohoe and Michael Noonan on “Today with Sean O’Rourke”: Donohoe proves an emollient antidote to Noonan’s grizzled realist persona. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Review: ‘Liveline’, ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’, ‘The Business’ and ‘High Noon’

Trading gleefully in Provo iconography: It’s Not Over. Photograph:  Babs Daly/Sarah Fox

THEATREclub’s sprawling drama is a rebuke to official views of the North’s recent history

“Two wrongs”: Pat Kenny. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Review: A harrowing revelation shocks Ray D’Arcy from his normally ironic poise

Tattoo you: Good sport Ian Dempsey promote’s Today FM’s  Dare to Care charity campaign.

Review: Today FM host endures tattooist’s needle as a troubled friendship plays out on 'Off the Ball'

Sean O’Rourke: Loves to talk about sport in general and the GAA in particular, the only topics outside current affairs that seem to animate him.

Radio review: Paul Williams is becoming Newstalk’s Mr Controversial while once-feared news presenter Sean O'Rourke enjoys himself,(...)

Meticulously composed cabaret: RIOT, at the Spiegeltent until September 25th

RIOT - Can a great night out also count as a political act?

Enda Kenny with Pat Kenny on Newstalk: the Taoiseach tells the host that he has “got his mojo back”, a phrase that draws so much mockery that Enda Kenny must wish he could lose it again. Photograph: Maxwells

Radio review: ‘Breakfast’, ‘The Pat Kenny Show’, ‘High Noon’, ‘Newstalk Drive’ and ‘Sean Moncrieff’

Dadaist pep rally: Release the Baboons creator Paul Currie

The latest Dublin Fringe festival reviews, featuring Release the Baboons, The Humours of Bandon and To Hell in a Handbag

Penny Arcade’s ‘Longing Lasts Longer’ is a kick-ass rejection of consumerism, celebrity culture and cupcakes

'Hope Hunt'/'Wrongheaded' double bill dissects effects of patriarchy as 'Megalomaniac' shows vaulting ambition

Empathy is like a tanning bed: This Beach, at the Project Arts Centre

The opening weekend of the Fringe festival bursts into life with disturbing future visions and exhilarating burlesque

During a harrowing discussion on sucide, Ray D’Arcy let flow his lively social conscience, which is less in evidence these days than when he was at Today FM.

Review: ‘Liveline’, ‘The Ray D’Arcy Show’

“I think RTÉ are being very brave with this,” says Don’t Quote Me presenter Sean Hughes

Apart from satirical shows such as Callan’s Kicks, comedy has been a bit ad hoc on RTÉ over the past 30 years. A new radio project(...)

Ping-pong: Minister of State for Financial Services – behind Minister for Finance Michael Noonan and Minister for Public Expenditure Paschal Donohoe – has the kind of charged argument that Matt Cooper revels in. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Radio review: ‘The Last Word’, ‘Lunchtime’, ‘Morning Ireland’, ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’

In tune with his times: Richard Fariña plays harmonica with Eric von Schmidt in 1963. Photograph: Redferns/Getty

The late writer and musician made a big impression in the 1960s, whether playing with Bob Dylan or fishing in Ireland. Just beware(...)

Ryan Tubridy: the presenter is a good foil, conversing blokeishly while hearing out James Cawley’s tough experiences of life with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita

Radio review: ‘The Ryan Tubridy Show’, ‘The Anton Savage Show’, ‘Second Captains’

Jonathan Healy has a wryly low-key style

Radio review: ‘The Pat Kenny Show’, ‘Seán Moncrieff’

There are times when George Hook sounds like an inhabitant of the post-fact world. Photograph: Eric Luke

Review: Seán O’Rourke, The Right Hook, Marian Finucane and Off The Ball

Morning Ireland: Cian McCormack’s interview with Kim, a homeless single mother, is essential radio

Review: ‘The Anton Savage Show’, ‘Morning Ireland’, ‘Liveline’

 Matt Cooper: At his best Cooper is an informed, deft host with an accessible manner, but he doesn’t always resist the temptation to sound like the smartest guy in the room. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / The Irish Times

Radio review: Creationist guest prompts smug reaction from Today FM host, as Ray D’Arcy discusses mid-life crises and Theresa May’(...)

Brenda Donohue: her natural outlook is so positive one suspects she could see the bright side of a tenement slum

Review: ‘Like Family’, ‘Inside Culture’, ‘Neil Delamare’s Sunday Best’, ‘The Ian Dempsey Show’

“Let’s not talk about Brexit”: Sean Moncreiff’s plea was a vain aspiration. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Review: ‘Moncrieff’, ‘Drivetime’, ‘Morning Ireland’, ‘Breakfast’

“The C-word, which is the word of choice in these matters, is meant to dehumanise and belittle women,” says former Labour Party leader Joan Burton on Today with Sean O’Rourke. Photograph: Leah Farrell/

Radio review: Threats to women were to the fore of Sean O’Rourke’s shows after the murder of Jo Cox

Matt Cooper: unexpected moments keep The Last Word interesting

Review: ‘The Last Word’, ‘Liveline’, ‘Off the Ball’, ‘The Last Hook’

Brendan Howlin: “I answered that question at that time,” he says when Miriam O’Callaghan reminds him that he once denied being gay to the Star newspaper. “But I’m sorry I did. It shouldn’t be a question that you pose”

Review: ‘Sunday with Miriam’, ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’, ‘The Ryan Tubridy Show’

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