Blockbusters returns: What was your favourite childhood TV show?

As the classic quiz returns, hosted by Dara O Briain, we want to hear about your TV memories

The Blockbusters theme tune is starting to ring in our ears. Dara O Briain – comedian and host of Mock the Week and Robot Wars – is to host a relaunch of the classic TV quiz show for Comedy Central.

The original Blockbusters, hosted by Bob Holness, started in 1983 and involved British teenagers answering trivia questions to find a route from one side of a playing board to the other.

Early in the new year, Thames will record two new 10-part series, to be broadcast on Comedy Central in the UK in 2019.

Dara O Briain commented: “I’m delighted to take over this classic quiz-show ... However, I will not be laughing at contestants saying ‘I’d like a P please, Dara’, just as I haven’t laughed at the planet Uranus in 10 years of Stargazing Live. See, I can do serious.”


In the spirit of TV nostalgia, The Irish Times would like to hear about your favourite childhood TV show, how you remember it, and why the programme holds a special place in your heart/mind.

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Deirdre Falvey

Deirdre Falvey

Deirdre Falvey is a features and arts writer at The Irish Times