This week's traditional music CDs reviewed



There’s a huge sense of exploring new pastures on Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh’s solo debut. A limited edition, lovingly produced by Mairéad and Manus Lunny, with a bespoke design quality, Imeall is exactly that: a snapshot of an artist on the brink of something new, of terrain yet to be travelled. A wealth of guest musicians appear, but Ní Mhaonaigh’s musical voice is stripped magically bare here, light years removed from her alter ego in Altan. Norwegian Annbjørg Lien’s Hardanger fiddle is used to exacting effect, and its combination with her voice on Is Fada Ó Bhaileis breathtaking: a lonesome, intensely intimate sound that magnetically draws the listener into its ambit. Three songs of her own showcase a singer finallly coming home to her own voice – and world – in earnest.

Download tracks: Méillte Cheann Dubhráin, An DroImeall